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We are excited to host Jessica Lee, one of the producers at Beach House Pictures behind the Netflix true crime documentary The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea (2021) looking into a series of horrific murders which took place Seoul during the early 2000s.

Over three hour-long episodes, this documentary explores the chain of events which enabled the now-convicted serial killer Yoo Young-chul to evade capture while committing the murders of twenty people, many of whom were either elderly citizens from wealthy neighbourhoods or young women who performed unregulated sex work.

Join us for a conversation with Jessica to discuss the production of The Raincoat Killer, the unrelenting global fascination with true crime, and the ethical responsibilities of recounting stories about serial killings and extreme violence.

Q&A: Sunday 25 Sept 2022, 3pm GMT+8 (convert timezone)

Content Warning: The documentary includes graphic imagery taken from crime scene investigations and archival footage. There is also extended mention of violence against women. The Q&A will likely touch on these subjects as well.

Screening Note: We apologise that we cannot provide a free screener of The Raincoat Killer due to strict copyright restrictions. The full documentary and its trailer is available on the official Netflix page along with subtitles in various languages. We recommend using the original Korean audio, not the dubbed English audio.

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In Southeast Asia, there are many, many films centering women and queer folk. Often, these are made independently by fiercely passionate filmmakers who operate without the financial backing of production companies or guarantees of commercial distribution. Our film club focuses on these stories and their storytellers.

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Elsewhere Cinema Club is run by four friends, Griselda & Erika from Indonesia, Kei from the Philippines, & Phoebe from Singapore.